My daughter Megan was 51/2 years old when she first started seeing Dr. Mike.  She has had a chronically stuffy/runny nose since she was a baby, and the problem has gotten progressively worse over the last 2 years.  Her pediatrician has closely monitored Megan.  Last year, Megan was referred to an ENT specialist, to confirm or rule out adenoid/tonsil issues.  She had x-rays done of her head and sinuses.  According to the x-rays, Megan's adenoids were not abnormally large and tonsils were normal.  At that time, a prescription nasal spray was given in hopes of reducing her symptoms.  Megan's teacher kept telling us that her nose was extremely stuffy and/or runny and has even sent notes home from school.  I had to send a response to her explaining the situation and that we were trying to get it under control.  At the time Megan came in for her initial consultation, she was taking two presctiption medications, along with an over-the-counter medication to try to control her nasal symptoms.  She had been on Singular for over 6 months, Allegra for at least 6 weeks and most recently Sudafed, all in an attempt to dry up her sinuses.  According to the pediatrician, Megan's next step was to see an allergist and be tested.  In an attempt to avoid the allergist and allergy testing, I decided to talk to Dr. Mike about the possibility of treating Megan.  Being on that much medication for an extended period of time has long been a concern for my husband and I, but we were not aware that this type of problem could be treated chiropractically.  After discussing possible treatments for this condition with Dr. Mike, and talking to Trish and Katie about their similar situations and results, and reading the articles on the website, my husband and I decided to give it a try.  Megan had x-rays and an evaluation done on a Wednesday.  On Thursday, we returned for the results and her first adjustment.  It was a rare, non-stuffy day that day.  After the adjustment, Megan's nose started running like a faucet on the way home and ran for quite awhile.  That night, Megan slept like a rock and for once did not snore!!!  Best of all, since that day Megan has not been stuffy at all.  I took Megan off all of her medications about 7 days ago to see if it was wishful thinking, or my imagination.  I wasn't wrong, Megan's nose is clear and she is currently medication free!!  I'm hoping this continues because she is so happy, isn't constatnly blowing her nose, doesn't sound nasally when she talks, and sleeps like a rock!!  Thank you for all of your help, support and gentleness with a 51/2 year old who is finally stuff-free! -Amy H.

I first started seeing Dr. Mike in May, because I was experiencing a stiff neck and low back pain with soreness.  The pain was off-and-on for approximately 20 years.  In the past, I saw a physical therapist which helped with the lower back pain a bit.  I was very nervous and a bit skeptical about my first visit to Chiropractic Associates – especially when Dr. Mike said getting adjusted may decrease some of my asthma symptoms.  My experience here at Chiropractic Associates has been very good!  Dr. Mike is terrific!  I am in awe about the difference I feel in my neck and back.  There is no more tightness or discomfort between my shoulder blades.  I can actually turn my neck without pain and stiffness.  I have also noticed a big decrease in my asthma symptoms.  I used to have to periodically use my inhaler, but since I started seeing Dr. Mike, I hardly use it at all!  The office staff is wonderful also.  The first time I called and expressed my fears, I spoke with Sarah who was very patient, understanding and encouraging.  Katie has helped me with all insurance issues so I didn’t have to deal with the insurance company myself, and everything has worked out wonderfully.  Kaylynn is always so pleasant whenever I come in.  Everyone at Chiropractic Associates of Kenosha has helped me make what was a very nervous issue for me a wonderful experience with great results! -Jody D.



I first started seeing Dr. Mike because I had been suffering from severe degenerative disc disease.  I am 31, and I have already had multiple discectomies (2004) in the lower back and a C4-C7 spinal fusion (2007).  The pain was off-and-on (mostly on) for approximately 20 years.  In the past, I saw a physical therapist which helped my lower back pain a bit.  Most chiropractors were ineffective, and one in particular would not even touch me!  My Anesthesiologist also refused to treat me any longer.  My surgeon and I, desperate for a solution, heard of a really good chiropractor and we both decided to give him a shot.  I was very nervous about my first visit to Chiropractic Associates, especially since Dr. Mike was so enthusiastic to get started when so many others have been hesitant.  My experience here at Chiropractic Associates has been life altering!  Dr. Mike is terrific!  I am stunned about how much better I am feeling in my neck.  There is very little tightness or discomfort between my shoulder blades and neck.  I can actually turn my head without pain or stiffness.  The office staff is wonderful also.  I drive over 20 miles to get to the office for every visit, so I am not exactly the most reliable patient.  All the office staff have been very patient, understanding and encouraging.  They have helped me with all insurance issues so I didn't have to deal with the insurance company myself, and everything has worked out wonderfully.  They all are always pleasant whenever I come in.  The team at Chiropractic Associates of Kenosha has helped make what was a very nervous issue for me into an absolutely wonderful experience with great results!  In a very short time, I have gone from having to see Dr, Mike almost every business day, to once every couple of weeks if I have to.  Dr. Mike has simply given me back control of my life again, and I am greatly indebted to him and his team. - Kerry L.



I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 37 years ago.  I first started seeing Dr. Mike because I was experiencing back pain for the past two years.  The back pain was causing me to have difficulty walking, standing for long periods of time and bending over.  I had been to physical therapy (3 times a week for 90 days) without much relief.  My experience here at Chiropractic Associates has been excellent!  Dr. Mike and his staff are terrific!  Everyone is very patient-friendly and compassionate.  Since starting with Dr. Mike, my low back pain is greatly improved and continues to improve each day I continue treatment.  Dr. Mike has been a huge help – my life is now do-able again!  Normal daily activities are no longer a chore and my overall quality of life has improved tremendously.  I am also sleeping better and taking less medication as well.  I really wish I would have started chiropractic much earlier in life.  It has been amazing!-Karen O.



I started to see Dr. Trabbold in the fall of 2005 for the upper back pain that I have been suffering from for 20 years.  Along with that, I have had lower back pain, neck pain, and foot pain for 10 years or more.  I don’t even remember how all my problems started.  I’ve seen other doctors for my pain, including a Rheumatologist for 2 years, as well as other Chiropractors and physical therapists.  My treatment often included yeast free diets, muscle stimulation treatments, water exercises, and pain medications and muscle relaxants.  Nothing seemed to help me long term and I have felt as though I’ve spent more time battling pain rather than enjoying life.  Under Dr. Trabbold’s care, my pain lessens every day.  I sleep without pain medications or muscle relaxants.  My feet are even less painful!  I feel very confident in the care that I am receiving and the staff is pleasant and efficient!  My overall experience with Dr. Trabbold has been excellent.  During this time, I have also spent much time studying the spine and nerve chart.  Relating my health problems to the nerve flow chart, I believe that I could have avoided much pain and expense had I found the right chiropractor before all the medical doctors.  -Janice M.



I first started seeing Dr. Mike because I was experiencing elbow pain, neck pain and numbness in both of my hands for about 3 weeks previous to my first visit.  I could not move my thumbs.  I could not sleep because of the neck pain.  I felt debilitated!  I received some acupuncture for 3 weeks prior to my seeing Dr. Mike with some results, but my acupuncturist suggested I see a chiropractor for more relief   My experience at Chiropractic Associates has been wonderful!  Since I started here, the pain and numbness are almost gone.  My neck feels so much better now.  I can even sleep through the night now!  -Nancy P.



I started seeing Dr. Mike because  I have always had problems with my back – sharp pain between my shoulder blades, hip pain and lower back pain.  For about three months before my first visit, I had been doing a lot of standing in one place, along with lifting and moving of fabric for my job, and this really led to an increase in my pain.  I was having almost constant pain at work and at home, and I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.  Since I’ve started to see Dr. Mike, I no longer have pain in my shoulder blades or my hips.  The severe pain in my back has greatly diminished also.  Dr. Mike has helped me feel a lot better!  Dr. Mike really cares about you.  He’ll answer your questions and help you to understand what both you and he can do to help you feel better.  The girls in the office are wonderful!  They are very knowledgeable and really make you feel like you are family.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Mike and the office staff at Chiropractic Associates of Kenosha, I would still be in pain and not enjoying life as I do now.  -Judy G.



My son, Deszmund, first started seeing Dr. Mike because he was experiencing chronic ear infections for about 6 months prior to our first visit.  The ear infections were definitely making him unhappy, and I hated to see him in pain.  I was a bit nervous about bringing him to a chiropractor because he was so young – 17 months.  However, three months after his first adjustment, Deszmund is now ear infection free!  He is so much happier now!  Dr. Mike and his staff are very friendly!  My son likes Dr. Mike so much and everyone in the office is really easy to talk to.  They have helped out my son a lot!  -Angela, Mother of Deszmund W.



I started my treatments with Dr. Mike after suffering from low back, hip, shoulder, and headache pain for over a year.  I had previously been suffering from back pain, but had taken a fall down some cement steps –which intensified my pain.  My overall health and wellbeing was affected by my pain.  I would wake up in the morning in pain and it got worse as the day went on.  I went to work and had to hold onto the hand rail or push a cart down the halls to be able to do my job.  I was constantly taking pain medication.   I was not an easy person to get along with or to live with.  I wasn’t myself.  My job and my marriage were both suffering, as was I.  I had received physical therapy for several months, and it was not helping.  They sent me back to my medical doctor and after several cortisone injections and a nerve block, the pain returned.  The last chiropractor I went to was not a good experience.  Here – the experience has been like night and day.  Everyone in the office has been very friendly and helpful.  The office staff is super, they greet me when I come in for an adjustment and call me by name.  Even when my wife calls to schedule an appointment for me, they are always very nice and accommodating.   Dr. Mike has several different ways of doing my adjustments; I always leave the office feeling better than when I got there.   If I have had pain in a specific location, I tell him and he works on it.  He always asks questions about how I feel and asks if I have any problem areas.  He makes me feel like he truly cares about me and my health.   Since my treatments with Dr. Mike, I can now work and say that I enjoy my job even when the days and hours are long.  I can walk almost pain free on most days.  I still have occasional pain, but it does not even begin to feel like it did before seeing Dr. Mike.  My son-in-law was in almost as much pain as I was and he began seeing Dr. Mike as well.  He has improved a lot in such a short amount of time!  As for me, I am enjoying life once again and I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Trabbold and his staff to anyone who would like to feel better both physically and mentally.  -Bob M.



My wife (Margaret) and I were visiting our daughter in Ohio.  The combination of a different bed and a golf game that was fairly new to me caused some pretty severe lower back pain.  I believed with aspirin and not doing much that the pain would subside, however it did not.  My work requires a lot of driving and sitting behind a desk.  In combination with the inability to sleep, these things were agonizing.  I had received Chiropractic care when I was eleven years old due to a football injury.  I remembered it had really helped me, so I decided to give it another shot.  I found Dr. Mike in the phone book and it was helpful that they took the insurance I had, as it has pretty tight parameters on care givers.  I really enjoyed my initial visit.  Everyone took the time to listen. The work that was done to determine what was wrong and the treatment that was subsequently needed was very thorough and reassuring to me.  Scheduling visits went great as my schedule was worked around.  I enjoyed seeing everyone each time, and the staff made the visits very nice.  Professional, yet extremely friendly.  In a few short months – I am now playing golf a couple of times a week, sleeping great, and having no problems at work as the pain and discomfort are gone.  I still come in for a maintenance treatment once every couple of weeks and it feels great.  I have much more range of motion than I had prior to the treatments. Margaret has had excellent care as well with her hip and back difficulties.  My son Steve hurt his back lifting and found relief after only a few visits.  Overall it has been a great experience, one that I would recommend to anyone at any age with any discomfort or injury.  Dr. Mike has assembled a great team that you look forward to not only working with, but seeing on each visit.  Great job to everyone at Chiropractic Associates of Kenosha, S.C. – you should all be very proud of the job you are doing.    -Roger G.



For many years I suffered with headaches when I woke up and throughout the day.  I got so used to having a headache all the time that it was a rare occasion not to have one.  I knew that my headaches were caused by misalignment of vertebra in my neck but I avoided going to a chiropractor for various reasons not the least of which was fear. Many years ago I had a bad adjustment experience and I did not want to have another.  In October the pain became unbearable.  That’s when I started seeing Dr. Mike.  It is now mid-December and I haven’t had a headache in at least a month.  The courtesy and treatment I have received at Dr. Mike’s office is great.  The girls at the reception desk are fantastic and Dr. Mike is a darn fine doctor.  I can feel the difference in my body and I certainly sleep better at night.  If I had known I would feel this good, this fast, I would have done this a long time ago.  -William H.

I started seeing Dr. Mike because I had been having severe migraines since 2001.  I am a teacher and often my students would urge me to go home because they felt so bad for me.  My students and co-workers knew that if I had the lights off and my sunglasses on, that I had a full blown migraine.  I did not have the sick days to compensate for my many headaches.  My physician discovered that I have a brain tumor but the neurologist states that it is not the cause of my migraines.  They prescribed me medication that will subdue the migraine if I am able to “catch” it as it is approaching.  (This is not an easy thing to do and is often unsuccessful.)  Before I began my treatment with Dr. Mike, I was apprehensive because I did not know what to expect, as I had never been to a chiropractor before.  Since I began my care, I no longer feel that way.  I am able to avoid filling my prescriptions because I rarely use the medication!  In fact, it recently expired and I didn’t even realize it!  I am also more aware of the signals my body gives me in advance, so I can take action to prevent a migraine.  If I get a headache (now rarely) I will make a stop by Dr. Mike’s office and get an adjustment.  Within an hour, my potential migraine is gone!  My family doctor has tried preventative programs against my migraines with little or no results.  This is what has worked for me.  Adjustments are much more effective!  My daughter is now getting regular adjustments.  I hope that by getting her straightened out now and under regular care that she will be able to avoid the pain that I have dealt with as an adult.  She used to suffer from motion sickness, but not any more.  In fact, we took a 16 day, 4000 mile car trip with no troubles! -Michelle and Katianne I.


I started coming to Chiropractic Associates because I had a gradual onset of what became terrible headaches and burning through my back and arms.  I was almost incapacitated and very depressed. Because of my age and a previous heart bypass, I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor – my husband had to drag me in here - but my experience at this office has been wonderful.  Since starting seeing Dr. Mike, the burning sensation in my back and arms has stopped, and my headaches are getting much better.

Dr. Mike is interested in easing your fears, listening to your feelings and is very gentle in his procedure.  He gets the job done!  -Bette U.



I started seeing Dr. Mike for severe lower back spasms and neck pain.  I had been having these problems for most of my adult life – my neck problems started with an auto accident in 1965, and I fell down the stairs in 1984 injuring my lower back.  It was very hard to keep up with daily activities because of the pain.  Previously, I have been on muscle relaxants and pain pills.  I was also in a cervical collar for 1 ½ years.  For the past year, I have been under great physical and emotional stress with terminal illnesses of both my husband and mother.  My blood pressure has been borderline high – between 140-160/75-85.  My doctor wanted to start me on blood pressure medicine, but I refused.  However, I began noticing my daily blood pressure reading (at varied times of the day) had really dropped.  It was now averaging 120-125/65-70.  This was a significant decrease!  I never would have associated my lowered blood pressure with Chiropractic, however I picked up an article on Dr. Mike’s front desk about a study showing the correlation between regular chiropractic adjustments and a decrease in blood pressure.  I was totally blown away!  I was a living testimonial!  Not only was my back feeling better and neck improving greatly, but completely unexpectedly, my blood pressure had decreased, thus decreasing my risk of stroke and heart disease.  In addition, the office staff is also very pleasant and willing to accommodate your schedule.  Appointments at Dr. Mike’s office are always on time and very quick.  -Catherine M.



I started seeing Dr. Mike because I was having severe low back pain and leg pain for the past 5-7 years that began by picking up heavy objects incorrectly and driving the lumber truck at work.  I was having trouble sleeping, working, and sometimes needed help out of bed.  I was a little nervous about seeing a chiropractor since my co-worker had a bad experience with one.  I now have little if any pain – my back hasn’t felt this good in years!  Dr. Mike and his staff are great, I look forward to my visits each month.  -Scott B.



A personal friend and patient referral brought me to see Dr. Mike because I was having low back pain and headaches for many years.  I lived with back pain and couldn’t sleep well.  Sometimes I refrained from certain activities because I was afraid of the pain.  After seeing Dr. Mike, I now have less overall body pain and less headaches.  I have also noticed less ringing in my ears.  Dr. Mike’s office has a friendly atmosphere and flexible appointments.  I am truly a believer of chiropractic and the benefits I gain from the adjustments I receive.

-Emory P.



I began my treatments with Dr. Mike due to my lower back pain.  My insurance company referred me to him as I had been experiencing problems with my lower back for 26 years or more.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and was scared to come in for treatment.  My physical therapist thought I should try treatment with a chiropractor, so I made the appointment.  Since my treatments with Dr. Mike, my once lingering low back pain is far and few between and the spasms – forget about it!  The staff is nice, friendly, and very accommodating!  Thank you all very much!  - Catherine N.



I started visiting Dr. Mike when I was experiencing constant low back and foot pain that occurred when I helped relocate my father.  I had been having problems for 6 years or more and had seen different MD’s that prescribed pain and arthritis medications.  My life was prohibited due to the pain and medications.  Now, I do not take pain medications and I experience much more ease when doing things.  The staff and Dr. Mike are always very friendly and flexible to my needs! - Sharon C.